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We pride ourselves in our ability to offer the most affordable Information Technology (IT) Certification Training in the Greater Triangle Area of North Carolina. We hold fast to our belief that quality IT Certification Training must also be affordable as you embark upon a new IT career. So whether you choose to pursue your CCNA, CompTIA, or Microsoft certifications, your training will be designed to fit within your budget and not be a burden on your pockets.


All of your classes in your IT Certification Training will be led by an in-class instructor. In every class, you will be taught by one of our Cisco, CompTIA, or Microsoft certified instructors who will be constantly motivating and engaging you. We ensure that you get the attention that you need to keep you motivated as you succeed in your pursuit of an IT career.


All of our instructor-led IT Certification Training program classes have no more than 12 people. We believe that small classroom sizes and one-on-one attention are critical as you embark on your journey to becoming a Cisco, Microsoft, or CompTIA certified professional. With such focused attention, you can focus completely on your training.


We know how busy life can get between work, family, and other commitments so we provide various scheduling options for our IT Certification Training programs. Our programs are offered during the Day, Evening, and Weekend so that your Cisco, Microsoft, or CompTIA training is structured to mesh with your lifestyle.

What’s New at ESI?

What's New

at ESI?

Do you have a background in Cisco Networking? Want to save a bundle on your training? Learn how you can get your CCNA in less than a month!

How to use social media to advance your career

We know networking is a necessity for career advancement in science. And social media networking is no different. Your online presence—via websites, your blog, and personal profiles on channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter—serves as a way for interested parties to get to know you and your brand, or promise of value. And it is becoming more and more critical for you to maintain a presence on social media in order to amplify your reputation and reach decision makers in your field.

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