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cisco ccna trainee new career
“I really enjoyed my experience with ESI, it was a very friendly environment, and the instructor really helped me a lot with my training and with my job application process! I really enjoyed the way the instructor did the lessons first, and then we had time to work on the labs associated with those lessons – the instructor would throw in real life examples for some of the lessons, making it easier to understand the concepts. I am more than satisfied with the quality of my training, I felt that there was on a more personal level since there weren’t that many students per class. I am very satisfied with the cost of my training, I found that it was very affordable and well worth the expenses. I would recommend this training course to a friend – if you want to get a quality training program definitely go with ESI.
- Catherine Nichols, CCNA

“I like the way our instructor explains the topics. He goes slow so that everyone can understand the topic.”
- Beena Thakore, CCNA

cisco ccna trainee new career“My instructor was excellent. He moved at fast yet manageable pace which was very important for me as I was fairly new to computers. I appreciated how we had ample time to review lectures during the week. I would definitely recommend this training program because you can fit it into your schedule after work with the evening classes.
- Ruchika Giri, CCNA

“It fits my budget and the installment plan allows for an easy payment method that is very affordable from month to month. I would absolutely recommend ESI to a friend! ESI is the place for affordable, quality IT Training.
- Jonah Chelimo, CCNA

cisco ccna trainee new career
“I had no experience with networking and I feel like my time at ESI has prepared me in the best way possible for a networking career. I liked the hands-on approach and the small class size. I feel like it keeps students engaged and gives them the opportunity to ask questions for a better understanding of the material. Also, the affordability is the most attractive part of the training because it’s a reasonable amount considering the payoff at the end. I would say that this is the definitive way to help prepare for the CCNA exam and the workplace.
- Anthony Holmes, CCNA

cisco ccna trainee new career
“What I like the most about my instructor’s teaching style is that he goes through the lecture and the labs in more detail. He doesn’t just read out whatever is listed on the slide. He goes into more detail about what is listed. He truly cares about making sure that we succeed in what we learn in this course. It was a phenomenal experience.”
- Marvin Gottschalk, CCNA

“I felt like I could ask different questions and he explained them well. I had been studying for sometime now, but the questions I had were answered during the boot camp. I feel better about taking the test now. The one-on-one feel was my favorite part of the boot camp. I already have recommended it to a friend – the one-on-one is great!”
-Efstratios Constas, CCNA Boot Camp

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How to use social media to advance your career

We know networking is a necessity for career advancement in science. And social media networking is no different. Your online presence—via websites, your blog, and personal profiles on channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter—serves as a way for interested parties to get to know you and your brand, or promise of value. And it is becoming more and more critical for you to maintain a presence on social media in order to amplify your reputation and reach decision makers in your field.

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