ESI Career Forward


ESI offers four focused and in-depth career training sessions designed to help you advance in your career.

This three hour single day career centered program will address the following questions and more.

Resume Session

  • How can I make my resume standout from the rest?
  • How can I tailor my resume to specific positions?
  • What’s the best way to format my resume?

Cover Letter Session

  • What can I write to get the employer’s attention?
  • What work experience should I focus on?

Job Search Strategy Session

  • What are the best jobs/positions for me?
  • How do I identify the type of companies to work for?
  • How can I better utilize online resources?
  • How can I get the most out of my professional and social networks?

Interview Coaching Session

  • How should I prepare for a phone interview?
  • What should I focus on in my face to face interview?


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What’s New at ESI?

What's New

at ESI?

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How to use social media to advance your career

We know networking is a necessity for career advancement in science. And social media networking is no different. Your online presence—via websites, your blog, and personal profiles on channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter—serves as a way for interested parties to get to know you and your brand, or promise of value. And it is becoming more and more critical for you to maintain a presence on social media in order to amplify your reputation and reach decision makers in your field.

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